Little Friends



There are lots of new challenges for “LITTLE FRIENDS” such as making new friends and having great adventures.  A pack should not exceed 36 Little Friends in number, for a Sylvanna (Teacher in charge)

 A Pack can be registered at Girl Guide  Head Quarters after functioning for a minimum period of three  months, provided the respective Division and or District Commissioner is satisfied that it adheres to all requirements of the Association’s policy, Organization and Rules.

Activities by the Little Friends

*Going on pack holidays

*Singing songs

*Outdoor cooking

*Helping others

*Earning badges

*Be satisfied with what they have

*A good training to do their work by themselves

This branch of the SLGGA is for young girls within the age group of 7 -12 years. It encourages girls to develop their skills at a young age, and to work independently with responsibility.

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